Fatima Dramé

Philosophia non in verbis sed in rebus est…



Fatima Dramé born in Germany to an Guinean father and an Egyptian, Turkish, Romanian mother. Formerly known as the artist "Faray" (Sony Music/ Universal/ Polydor). Singer, songwriter, actress and host. Having performed in several live venues such as "The Dome", "Top Of The Pops", MTV, Viva, etc. Fatima Dramé is a seasoned veteran when it comes to performing! Currently living between Munich and Berlin. After beeing signed to Sony Music and Universal/ Polydor in 1996 – 2001 her musical quest has continued on. Besides her talents as a singer, songwriter, actress and host (i.e Bravo Black Hits Special) her curiosity led her to find out what it was like to work behind the scenes. She became working in the av-media field. Fatima Dramé took part in a worldwide tour for a very well-known and international company. She is not only a singer and songwriter but also an accomplished actress in the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel. Her songs were published in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Australia and Belgium.